What type of bird is this?

This is a Blue Jay, a bird found in North America. They are small birds with blue plumage and often have bright yellow beaks. They are very social and can be seen foraging for food in trees or on the ground.

Where was this photo taken?

This is a picture of a red-tailed hawk. It was taken in the United States.

When was this photo taken?

This Reddit bird photo was taken on September 9th, 2016.

What kind of habitat is this bird typically found in?

This bird is typically found in open habitats such as fields, meadows, and marshes. It can also be found in urban areas.

What do you think caused the coloration on this bird's plumage?

This bird's plumage is colorful because of the different types of feathers it has. Some are short and others are long, which gives the bird its distinct look. The different colors may have been caused by different factors, such as where the bird lived or what type of food it ate.

Is this bird male or female?

This bird is a male. Males have larger heads and bodies, and are typically brighter in color than females. The red-breasted nuthatch is a common sight in the northeastern United States, where it forages for insects, seeds, and other small prey.

How can you tell the age of this bird?

This reddit bird is a juvenile red-headed woodpecker. Juveniles have red heads and black wings, while adults have green heads and brown wings. You can tell the age of this bird by its size: juveniles are smaller than adults. Red-headed woodpeckers typically live for about 10 years.

What does this bird eat?

This is a yellow-headed blackbird. They eat insects, seeds, and other small animals.

How big is this species of bird compared to others in its family or genus?

This bird is about the size of a robin, but it has a longer bill and its head is shaped differently. It also has a red spot on its breast. This bird lives in the Americas.